Nike "Chrome"

Tasked with creating a new range for an existing brand, I chose to focus on Nike and the emerging trends for minimalism, modern urban and monochrome. The Chrome range embodied all of these concepts; a casual, edgy range designed for all modern women; a sportswear range that embodied an almost futuristic vibe.

My inspiration came from graffiti and neglected spaces. I created a lookbook, social media content and Chrome shopping bags, complete with a hand stencilled graffiti Nike swoosh.

I also designed a Chrome logo, which was specific to this range and was to be used on swing tags and any other associated materials.

Pickwick magazine

Pickwick was a great Liverpool publication which featured a variety of articles about local events and news stories. In order to develop the brand image and potentially broaden their reader profiles, I re-vamped the brand, making Pickwick a more student-friendly publication. 

My new brand proposal featured informal news articles about new local restaurants, gigs and articles on fashion.

I focussed on challenging gender stereotypes within the fashion industry and beyond.

I also wrote about the diverse Liverpool street fashion that was emerging. I approached people on the street with my camera, asked to take their photograph and asked them a few questions about their personal style.

claudia pink

Claudia Pink is a Liverpool-based jewellery brand. Claudia produces fabulous headpieces, as well as body and face jewellery, which is primarily worn at festivals. She also produces bespoke pieces to order.

Keen to promote her brand, I produced an advertorial featuring a feather headress and peacock necklace. I produced post cards, posters and designed suitable promotional materials for social media and web content purposes. I also planned for possibility of having a local pop-up event in the city centre.

Punk for topshop

Punk for Topshop aimed to broaden the reach of the current target market for this well-established brand. It embodied 80s punk, metallic fabrics and futuristic fashion. Using a mixture of studio and location shots, I produced a lookbook and corresponding swing tags.

This project enabled me to broaden my photography knowledge; with expert tutors, we learnt about how to become effective art directors through giving our models clear instruction and undertaking secondary research beforehand. We practised location, studio and product shots, learning about ISO, shutter speed and the photography printing process.


Each member of the Fashion Communication team was paired with a designer. The assigned task included research into the designers chosen theme, styling, photography and, ultimately, a printed lookbook to document their final collection. My designer had focussed on neoclassicism, taking inspiration from art, textiles and culture from that era. 

I used green, wooded areas and interesting textured backdrops to compliment the bright pinks and bold patterns used throughout the collection.


Shared Earth is an ethical brand, producing jewellery, homeware goods, accessories and more - all of which is fair-trade. Rather than a complete rebrand, as Shared Earth already have a clear vision and an excellent reputation for their green footprint, I proposed a pop-up event in Liverpool. This would aim to increase brand awareness and further promote their ethical message. I conducted location and studio shoots, taking inspiration from natural textured surfaces, and designed a variety of supporting marketing collateral, including both digital and printed outcomes. 

boohoo - live project

Boohoo tasked all Fashion Communication students with predicting upcoming trends for S/S '14 and producing mood boards to demonstrate these. Looking at online forecasts, previous trends, organic inspiration (e.g. streetwear, high street retailers), I focussed on military and the 1960's. 

I made predictions as to the patterns, colours and fabrics that would be used and presented my final boards to employees in the Boohoo buying team.